X marks the spot

Each day at FileLinx, we have some 30 smart guys and girls working in autonomous teams. From their own expertise they work on product development, advising, implementing and supporting clients.

We reward hard work with an informal working environment, room for personal development and creativity. We believe it's important to encourage creative minds with a healthy dose of humor. Since October 2016 we're located in the vibrant, technical ICT heart of Zuid-Holland: the Dutch Innovation Factory in Zoetermeer.

Our vision

Connects seamlessly to your organization

All of your information easily accessible and presented in a clear manner and to your specifications. Integrate simply with other systems, scale flexibly and adapt to every change in your organization.

Streamline your processes

Simplify for yourself and your team. Your team can easily plan, execute and provide feedback on tasks. And you instantly get insight in pending and completed tasks.

Easily find, share and edit

Centralized storage for all files and information in your organization. Link emails, documents and images to relations or projects. Find, edit and share information easier than ever, from wherever you are.

FileLinx in numbers

30 employees

9800 users

350 clients

18 years active

1 solid team

Our values


At FileLinx we value future oriented thinking. Not only have we built our product to withstand and adapt to change, our innovative mindset extends to all aspects of our daily work.


All of your information easily accessible and presented in a clear manner and to your specifications. Integrate simply with other systems, scale flexibly and adapt to every change in your organization.


Colleagues, partners, clients... at the end of the day we are all people. Therefore we value connecting as humans, in an open, honest and positive way.

Our team

Frank Bunck


Paul van Wingerde


Paul van Baar

Manager Finance, HR & Quality

Remco Havenaar

Manager Consultancy & Support

Malu Dunsbergen


Marja Polderdijk

Office Manager

Sylvia van Rijt


Mick Braun

Sales Manager

Dirk Paulissen

Senior Sales Representative

Dorien Koekkoek


Savid Meijer

Support Engineer

Björn Vaerewijck

Support Engineer

Elbrich Doornbos

Software Consultant

Dennis Oosterwolde

Software Consultant

Roy Pieters

Software Consultant

Bart van der Poel

Software Consultant

Benjamin Smits

Software Consultant

Marchel de Goeij

Product Manager

Martijn van IJperen

Product Manager

Arthur Pijpers

Software Engineer

Michel Stol

Product Manager

Sander Tegelaar

Software Engineer

Bart van der Vliet

Software Engineer

Bert Wulms

Software Engineer

Orestis Gkikas

Software Consultant / Partner Manager

Join FileLinx?

If I wouldn't have a good time, I'd have never stayed around for over 15 years!
Bart van der Vliet, Software Engineer

Thanks to growth of the organization, FileLinx almost always needs talented and motivated people. We offer the chance to join a team that works passionately at making our software and services even better.

Recognize yourself in one of the profiles listed below? If so, we invite you to send in an application. Can't find your dream job, but do you feel that you could be invaluable to our organization? We also welcome open applications!

Our openings

Front-end developer

As a Front-end developer at FileLinx you'll work on software that each day, approximately 10000 users are looking at. As the hub of the front-end, you're responsible for 'bringing to life', with data from the API, the static components that are being developed.

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Sales consultant

As a Sales consultant you have extensive knowledge of business processes and you identify opportunities to use our platform to provide solutions for the organizations we visit. You're responsible for the sales process and provide clients with valuable advice on the right solutions.

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Customer service consultant

As a Customer service consultant you embrace every support ticket and you act as the initial 'problem owner'. Should you be unable to resolve this question, then you can always fall back on the colleagues in your team.

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