The flexibility you need

We've developed apps to meet your every need. Every app is ready to use for 80% and is personalized to your specific wishes and company's requirements by our consultants. Our apps all work together within the FileLinx platform, so we can offer you exactly what you need in one single system.


Contact management. Updated.

FileLinx CRM instantly provides an intuitive, quickly deployable and fully personalized CRM system.

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Complete freedom. And security.

Centralized storage of documents, while the document owner decides who has access.

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DigiData & Donau

Automated invoice processing

Advanced software for fully automated recognition and processing of purchase invoices.

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Mail processing

All mails in one place

Take control of incoming and outgoing postal items. Both digital and print.

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Project management. Your way.

FileLinx offers the possibility to manage projects according to your specific processes.

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Purchase contracts

Know what's going on

Automated alerts make silent renewal of contracts a thing of the past.

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Proactive continuity

The contracts app makes capturing and managing internal and external contracts extremely easy.

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For your eyes only

Store employees' information in a structured and secure way, and limit access rights.

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Current events

Bring important messages and relevant updates directly to your team.

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The right course

FileLinx automates your budget so you know if and when to adjust.

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Expense accounts

No more lost receipts

Incoming expenses in one place and authorized and reimbursed through a workflow.

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Quality first

From quality manual to managing certifications and ratings.

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Time tracking

No time to lose

A clear overview of hours worked by employees, and of time budget per project.

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Appreciation for your clients

Check in frequently with your clients and receive incoming messages in one place.

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Fleet management

Smarter registration

Say goodbye to keeping track of company resources in a spreadsheet and choose a better overview.

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Custom development

No process too complex

Need more flexibility than our standardized apps provide? Then we'll model every possible specific process.

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