Have your client do it himself, so you don't have to

Have your client easily manage his address and or delivery information. Only the strictly necessary information is visible to your client, presented in an intuitive and clear way, in their own branding. You'll receive a notification when changes are made.

Secure connection between your clients and systems

With FileLinx as a security guard

It's possible to display, and make editable, information from all your linked systems in the portal. FileLinx then operates as an ultrasecure pass-through.

Signing in is possible with username and password, or with two factor authentication.


A simple notification when an adjustment needs to be verified

Should your client add or edit information in their profile, then this gets updated automatically in your systems. You'll also receive a notification, if needed accompanied by a request to check the edit.

Naturally, the previous state of the information doesn't get lost. For previous versions you can easily check the file's version history.

More, bigger, better!

Easily expandable, fully set up in your own branding

We model the portal fully to your and your clients' needs. Set up in your own branding, with perfect interaction on every device.

Add extra functionalities in a later stadium? No problem, our system is fully scalable.

Every user is unique

So not everyone needs the same interface

FileLinx takes into account all types of users. The backoffice gets access to the full functionality of FileLinx, so that those employees can make optimal use of all advanced features of our software. An employee that only has to fulfill one, or a limited amount of tasks in the proces, doesn't have to be burdened with all features. These employees are presented with an intuitive and clear interface consisting of only the information that's relevant to him or her. Data entry at the source is where it's at. For example, this allows for stronger collaboration with external parties in projects, or presenting clients with information about orders, manuals, etcetera. We can easily implement this portal on your website and set it up in your own branding.


Employees that use FileLinx on a daily basis and who've received training in how the system and its features work.


Employees who fulfill one, or a limited amount of tasks in FileLinx. The interface has to be limited to just these functions and has to be able to be used intuitively and without training. For example, people in the field, in storage or in production.


Provide an external user with access to specific and limited information from FileLinx. The interface has to be able to be used intuitively and without training. For example, external relations or clients that have to be able to view or update specifiek information, without intervention by your backoffice.

Future proof

We understand that in changing and evolving organizations, the software used may not remain compatible with your wishes. Our software is easily customized so that your FileLinx environment always fits your current situation.


We've developed apps to meet your every need. Every app is ready to use for 80% and is personalized to your specific wishes and company's requirements by our consultants. Our apps all work together within the FileLinx platform, so we can offer you exactly what you need in one single system.

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FileLinx brings all of your data together in a clear and easy to use dashboard. This is your personal space for everything that's important to your work. But FileLinx provides more to help you take control of your unstructured data. Discover how FileLinx adapts itself to your preferences.

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