Workflows and processes

FileLinx fits your processes in fully automated workflows and brings all of your data together in a clear and easy to use dashboard. This is your personal space for everything that's important to your work. But FileLinx provides more to help you take control of your unstructured data.

Automate follow up and actions

Make the system work for you

FileLinx allows you to convert manual tasks to automated actions. Input data from external systems in your process and enrich the output. Place triggers on folders or directories to start automated processes. All tasks are shown in chronological order on the dashboard.

Stop searching and start finding

Instant access to your own advanced search engine

Search documents, processes, projects and all other data sources via one access point. Search results are categorized to give you a clear overview.

Integrate everything...

FileLinx as a shell around your current information systems

Take information from different sources and display everything within a single FileLinx environment. This information can be used in FileLinx without the underlying systems having to be opened. Combine all data, let FileLinx perform automated calculations and start using the output in a customized process.

...truly everything!

Calendars and email
Data from ERP systems
Files in a shared folder on a server
Excel spreadsheets or Access databases
Data from virtually all sector specific software
Agenda- & emailsoftware
GEdeelde bestanden
Excel spreadsheets en Access databases

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