SWKFacet is the shared service centre within SWKGroep. SWKGroep is the largest foundation of childcare and community work in the Netherlands. SWKFacet has bundled a complete package of services for these operating companies that are part of the SWKGroup, including Facility Management, HR, Finance, Information and Childcare Placement, Projects & Innovation, Quality and Marketing Communication. SWKFacet takes the secondary business process out of SWKFacet’s hands, so that the organisations can focus on their core activities.

Our solution

SWKFacet is the shared service centre within SWKGroep. SWKGroep is the largest foundation of childcare and community work in the Netherlands. A few years ago, SWK moved to a new building in Berkel en Rodenrijs. The assignment after the move was to reduce the size of the archive in order to save space and costs. Another challenge was to gain easier access to information from the various departments within the organisation.

“In our view, FileLinx is a large body containing all kinds of data and functionalities. What we use FileLinx for, however, can be divided into a number of parts,” says Edgar Kannekens. “For example, FileLinx is used by all operating companies for purchase processing. The invoice authorisation flow runs via FileLinx and our financial package. We also use DMS and customised parts from Filelinx.


We use the document management system within SWKFacet. FileLinx covers the applications of different departments, so that all information becomes more accessible. In the past, applications were only available to the department that worked with them. This applies, for example, to Facility Management. They manage about 200 buildings that we have in use. The department generates a lot of information that is also important for the Finance, Recruitment and Placement departments and is more easily accessible via DMS”.

Parent portal

SWKFacet has also purchased tailor-made solutions from FileLinx: the parent portal. “The parent portal is a web portal for parents of children at day care centres,” continues Edgar Kannekens. “The portal contains standard information such as invoices, conditions and contracts that parents have with us. The customer can manage their own data there, such as names, addresses and telephone numbers and authorise contracts. If we offer a contract, the customer can indicate via the parent portal whether they agrees with the contract. We send information from the childcare application to the parent portal. When the parent indicates something on the portal, that action is sent back to the childcare application.

Why FileLinx

One of the reasons for choosing FileLinx was that we wanted to reduce the size of the archive. We also wanted to reduce the physical flow of paper between locations and the central office. FileLinx offered more, such as a parent portal, DSM and a workflow for purchase invoices. . The difference from before we started working with FileLinx is that we need much less archive space compared to 4 years ago. We also see that the parent portal delivers results. We send about ten thousand invoices per month. A large part of that now goes via the parent portal. As a result, postage costs have dropped by more than 50%.

At the start, processes were slower than expected. The collaboration with FileLinx is becoming more and more professional. It has changed positively compared to a year ago. You notice that FileLinx is professionalising and we are developing with them at the same time. And that is a very good development.

New applications

There are functions that we already use on a small scale. Workflows and to-do lists are used on a small scale, but not yet by default by all users. We still have to develop this. We also want to use the intranet function. And we have more applications that will have to communicate via FileLinx in the future. We also want to further expand the parent portal, so that even more information will become available to us and the parents”.


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