Why FileLinx

Structuring data and robotising processes without a no-code platform? This can be done with customisation or a standard product.

FileLinx combines the advantages of customisation and a standard product.

We ensure that you always have short implementation times, lower costs and that you determine how your business processes are handled by the software. After all, your organisation is unique!

You determine the functional requirements of your business solution.

The alternatives for FileLinx software are listed below:


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  • Dependence on partner
  • Development and techniques lag behind over time
  • High implementation costs
  • Much impact to implement changes
  • Functionalities are not easily adjusted
  • No underlying DMS for your document management
  • Not possible to make adjustments or functionalities by yourself
  • No control over functional management
  • Authenticate and security stand-alone setup


  • Flexibility
  • Interface is made especially for you

Standard Product

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  • Not adapted to your wishes
  • Not all functionalities are necessary, but visible
  • Making changes is difficult or impossible
  • Not always possible to add functions
  • No underlying DMS for your document management
  • Not possible to make adjustments or functionalities by yourself
  • No control over functional management


  • Not having to invent the wheel yourself
  • Proven technology
  • All functionalities are immediately available
  • Low implementation costs

Do you want the best of both? Choose FileLinx!

With FileLinx, you do not have to deal with standard solutions, and certainly not with expensive and lengthy implementation processes. FileLinx allows you to consolidate various applications to a single platform.

The Solution: FileLinx

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  • We haven’t found a disadvantage yet


  • Your users need to master fewer applications
  • All information is in one place
  • You save costs

In short, get acquainted with our software platform and make an appointment with one of our consultants.

Do you have a specific process for which no standard application is available? Then you have a software platform at your disposal in which you can quickly and easily add this process to your existing Business Solutions. No links or extra DMS applications – with FileLinx you get all the information under one button!


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