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FileLinx CRM instantly provides an intuitive, quickly deployable and fully personalized CRM system.

About CRM

When you decide to store files on the FileLinx intelligent FileServer, we advise to also set up the CRM app. To store files in a structured manner it's necessary to associate them with a business relation or contact. Our CRM app lets you give your contacts the attention they deserve.

Our CRM app has the same goal for both commercial and non profit organizations: manage relations in a way that enhances customer satisfaction.

Often, many different software systems are used while these systems do not communicate properly with each other, and this gives a lack of overview. Our CRM app lets you automate actions in workflows, so that the system sends you a reminder when you need to take specific action.

Instead of standardized buttons and fields, our CRM app consists only of data that's important to you. Don't let your team click through screens that are irrelevant to them - they only need to enter data that's strictly necessary to them.

Our intuitive CRM is immediately ready for use. There is no need for a training or consulting session. When a document is stored via our CRM app, the software starts a dialog with the user to make sure the correct information is entered to facilitate the process.


This app contains the following, predefined features. Do you need more flexibility? No problem, all of our apps are fully customizable to fit your needs!

  • Relation card
  • Business contacts
  • Contact moments
  • Sales opportunities
  • Quotations
  • Product lines
  • Orders
  • Tasks
  • Email notifications
  • Office templates sales/marketing
  • Campaigns
  • Forecasts/targets
  • Reports
  • Alerts
  • Dashboard function

Future proof

We understand that in changing and evolving organizations, the software used may not remain compatible with your wishes. Our software is easily customized so that your FileLinx environment always fits your current situation.


We've developed apps to meet your every need. Every app is ready to use for 80% and is personalized to your specific wishes and company's requirements by our consultants. Our apps all work together within the FileLinx platform, so we can offer you exactly what you need in one single system.

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FileLinx brings all of your data together in a clear and easy to use dashboard. This is your personal space for everything that's important to your work. But FileLinx provides more to help you take control of your unstructured data. Discover how FileLinx adapts itself to your preferences.

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