Invoice processing

Advanced software in the area of automatic recognition and processing of purchase invoices.

Why should I use FileLinx for invoice processing?

The processing of purchase invoices can be made smarter and more efficient. Digitisation and automation make it possible. This way, the invoice is processed within a set time and the progress is monitored. Moreover, this prevents errors and duplicate actions.

The 8 advantages of Invoice+

  • No calls from the supplier saying the invoice has not been paid yet
  • Not only the happy flow, but also overview and control of your disputes
  • Check an invoice line by line? Invoice+ does that for you
  • If a supplier cannot deliver UBL or XML, FileLinx will create it for you
  • Automatic matching of invoices with orders: book and go!
  • Invoice+ can recognise and process all types of documents
  • Always an overview of the status of invoices
  • Want to start recognising invoices right away, without templates and difficult hassle? Then FileLinx is the place to be

Eleminate unnecessary administrative actions, and a better overview.

The standard solution FileLinx Invoice+ takes care of the digital processing of purchase invoices, streamlines reading, recognition, indexing, checking, approval, archiving and processing in the financial system. During processing, a complete digital file is built up, from which a purchase invoice can be retrieved on the basis of numerous search criteria. Are you looking for an invoice, for example, but you only know which product it was? Our internal search engine finds everything for you.

In addition, all invoice data, as well as settlement data, remain available for reporting and analysis. The dashboard gives you insight into questions such as:

  • What are our 10 most important suppliers?
  • How many invoices do we actually process per day?
  • How fast do we book the invoices and can we do it faster?
  • And many more questions you might have…

Even smarter with Matching

With Matching you can quickly see whether invoice lines match the receipt lines of corresponding orders, contracts or obligations. Matching is the ideal addition to FileLinx Invoice+.

Matching Enterprise
>> 5.000 invoices per year

Fully automatic matching with Matching Enterprise. We robotise the entire process of matching without user intervention, with the exception of checking and approving the invoice. You can handle the deviations directly from the matching module and make correction entries in your financial/ERP system.

  • Invoice lines match receipt lines financial (ERP) system
  • Matching total amounts (in case of multiple lines)
  • Matching multiple orders on one invoice
  • Deviations are clearly shown
  • ‘Manage by exception’ (deviations only)
  • Matching with contractual obligations in FileLinx
  • Matching with contractual obligations in FileLinx
  • Underlining the data in the preview

Matching Professional
<> 5.000 invoices per year

The main difference with Matching Enterprise is that the user can select the receipt lines that match the lines on the invoice. You can handle the deviations directly from the matching module and make correction entries in your financial/ERP system.

  • Automatically match invoice lines with receipt lines in FileLinx
  • Select and match multiple receipt lines at the same time
  • Matching total amounts (in case of multiple lines)
  • Matching multiple orders on one invoice
  • Matching with contractual obligations in FileLinx
  • ‘Manage by exception’ (deviations only)
  • Matching with contractual obligations in FileLinx

Recognising invoices

FileLinx Invoice+ automatically recognises the data from scanned invoices and PDFs from e-mails at line level. Digital invoices are also read automatically. This data is offered for approval in FileLinx Invoice+, our solution that can be set up according to your wishes..

FileLinx invoice processing is unique due to free form recognition without fixed templates, the automatic line recognition and very high recognition rate. The software is self-learning and can coding automatically in ERP/financial software.

automatische factuurverwerking

How FileLinx Invoice works

FileLinx invoice processing provides different functionalities. Below, you can see how each tab works in different videos.

Build on your process

The advantage of FileLinx Invoice+ is that you actually get a standard solution, which you can adapt in no time to the processes that make your organisation unique. Because our application has a modular structure, you can start small and optimise your process further in stages.


Link Invoice+ to Procurement+ and automate the procurement process from request to payment. This way, you always have an overview of the receipts, orders and expenditure.


Complicated processes made easy

No matter how ambitious your wishes in the area of Procurement, Invoicing or CRM may be, our super-smart experts will gladly take up the challenge for you! The result: a solution that streamlines a complicated process and is easy to use.

Automatische factuurverwerking
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