More than a DMS

The Intelligent FileServer is the core of your FileLinx environment and offers logical and secure storage for your documents.

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Automated invoice processing

Advanced software for fully automated recognition and processing of purchase invoices.

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Prevent data breaches

Extremely accurate security measures to minimize the risk of data breaches within your company.

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Personalize your apps

We've developed standardized apps for your every need, that we personalize to further meet your wishes.

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Set up workflows

FileLinx fits your processes in fully automated workflows and brings together all your data in an easy to use dashboard.

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A fully customized CRM

An intuitive, quickly deployable and fully personalized CRM system that works as the basis for all other apps.

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FileLinx is a business application platform that helps you regain control over unstructured and fragmented data within your organization.

What makes our software stand out are easy to use base products that are built for tasks such as automated invoice processing, document workflows, email archiving, project registration, employee overviews, and other specific needs your organization may have.

Your needs aren't unique. The solution is.

Sound familiar?

Your data is unstructured

  • data server

  • employee workspaces

  • cloud storage

  • ERP software

  • Exchange / e-mail server

  • other software and databases

  • non-digitized sources

Our smart solution

At FileLinx, our main objective is to digitize, structure and secure all your company's information.

Our software recognizes data in all of your documents, links this data to your contacts, fits your company's processes in automated workflows and stores your information on an intelligent fileserver.

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What matters to you

Exactly how you want it

FileLinx fits your processes in fully automated workflows and brings all of your data together in a clear and easy to use dashboard. This is your personal space for everything that's important to your work.

Workflows and processes

We have an app for that

The flexibility you need

We've developed apps to meet your every need. Every app is ready to use for 80% and is personalized to your specific wishes and company's requirements by our consultants. Our apps all work together within the FileLinx platform, so we can offer you exactly what you need in one single system.

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Eenvoudig relatiebeheer

Met FileLinx CRM beschik je direct over een intuïtief, snel inzetbaar en volledig gepersonaliseerd CRM systeem.

Factuurherkenning en -verwerking

Geavanceerde software op het gebied van het automatisch herkennen en verwerken van inkoopfacturen.

Workflows en processen

FileLinx past jouw processen in geautomatiseerde workflows en brengt al je informatie samen in een overzichtelijk dashboard.

Logische en veilige opslag

FileLinx voorziet je facturen, e-mails en andere documenten van de juiste meta-informatie en slaat ze veilig op.

Our clients

Challenge accepted.

No matter how large and complex or how small and specific your challenge, we are convinced that we can offer the solution you need. Contact us and let us convince you.