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Many processes can and must be made more efficient and user-friendly. FileLinx CRM+ makes complicated processes simple: you always take the right action at the right moment. We say: oh yes it is possible!

Many processes can and must be made more efficient and user-friendly. But you often hear that this is not possible for all sorts of technical reasons. We say: oh yes it is possible!

Because it can easily be done

One process is not like another. Where standard solutions keep you in a stranglehold, you want to be flexible. In such a way that you can easily adapt and optimise the most important (administrative) processes, but especially that you get, have and keep a grip on the process. You do this by using our no-code platform or our applications.


360° insight into customers and dossiers


Process all invoices automatically


From budget to payment

Build your own application with us

All our applications are developed on our own no-code platform. We invite you to develop your complex non-standard process with us, completely tailored to your needs. It’s not complicated, just like Lego we click it together for you.

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Complicated processes made easy

No matter how ambitious your wishes in the area of Procurement, Invoicing or CRM may be, our super-smart experts will gladly take up the challenge for you! The result: a solution that streamlines a complicated process and is easy to use.


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