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Automatic invoice processing

The standard solution FileLinx Invoice takes care of the digitised processing of purchase invoices, streamlines the reading, recognition, indexing, checking, approval, archiving and processing in the financial system. A complete digital file is built up during processing, from which a purchase invoice can be retrieved on the basis of many search criteria. In addition, all invoice data, as well as handling data, remain available for reporting and analysis.

FileLinx is the specialist in automating the purchasing process. This includes purchase requests, orders, obligations and receipt registration. But also order matching, contract management, budget monitoring and supplier evaluation.

Your benefits

  • Work more efficiently
  • Automatic recognition, processing and coding of your purchase invoices in your ERP/financial software
  • Automatically handle discrepancies in invoices
  • Keep control of the process
  • Built-in digital archive of all purchase invoices
  • Easy retrieval of all invoices
  • Timeline is maintained
  • Robotisation of the process
  • Insight into which tasks need to be performed
  • Can be approved anywhere

Save costs by automating your purchase invoices. Processing with FileLinx Invoice.

Invoicing process from A to Z

The invoicing process roughly consists of 5 steps, an invoice: 1. receive 2. process 3. approve 4. pay 5. archive. As soon as the invoice has been received, it will be compared with the order. If the amount is correct and the relevant products or services have been delivered, the invoice can be paid. All data is then processed in the financial or ERP system. Manual processing is an error-prone process. Achieve greater efficiency in accounts payable by automating this process.


FileLinx Invoice automatically recognises the data of scanned invoices and PDFs from emails at line level. Digital invoices are also read automatically. These data are offered in FileLinx Invoice for approval, which can be set up according to your own wish.

FileLinx is unique due to free form recognition without fixed templates, the automatic line recognition and very high recognition rate. The software is self-learning and can automatically code in ERP/financial software.


With Matching, you can quickly see if invoice lines match the receipt lines of associated orders, contracts or obligations.
The receipt lines are retrieved from your ERP/financial system based on the order number of the invoice.

Matching is the ideal addition to FileLinx Invoice for organisations that, in addition to cost invoices, also process order invoices, contract invoices or work with commitments. Matching automates this process for you. You only need to take action in the event of deviations on invoices. Matching saves you a lot of time.

We recommend automatic matching if you have more than 5,000 invoices per year. Do you have less than 5,000 invoices per year?

Then Matching Professional is the perfect solution! Here are the differences.

Matching Enterprise

 > 5.000 invoices per year

Fully automatic matching with Matching Enterprise. We robotise the entire process of matching without user intervention, with the exception of checking and approving the invoice. You can handle the deviations directly from the matching module and make correction entries in your financial/ERP system.

  • Invoice lines match receipt lines financial (ERP) system
  • Matching total amounts (in case of multiple lines)
  • Matching multiple orders on one invoice
  • Deviations are clearly shown
  • ‘Manage by exception’ (deviations only)
  • Matching with contractual obligations in FileLinx
  • Matching after preview of the invoice (clear)
  • Underlining the data in the preview

Matching Professional

< 5.000 invoices per year

The main difference with Matching Enterprise is that the user can select the receipt lines that match the lines on the invoice. You can handle the deviations directly from the matching module and make correction entries in your financial/ERP system.

  • Automatically match invoice lines with receipt lines in FileLinx
  • Select and match multiple receipt lines at the same time
  • Matching total amounts (in case of multiple lines)
  • Matching multiple orders on one invoice
  • Matching after preview of the invoice (orderly)
  • ‘Manage by exception’ (deviations only)
  • Matching with contractual obligations in FileLinx

FileLinx Invoice

It is ideal for the processing of purchase invoices to be digitised and automated. The processing of a purchase invoice goes through a workflow. The invoice is completed within a certain time and progress is monitored. Errors and duplicate actions are prevented.

In short

  • Standard software that can be easily customised to suit your preferences.
  • Integration with financial/administrative and/or ERP applications (links).
  • To be threaded with automatic & intelligent recognition.
  • Matching possible with orders, contracts and obligations.
  • Covers the entire chain.
  • Full control of the invoicing process.
  • Create real-time overviews.
  • Working from dashboards per department.
  • Securely available online.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Modularly expand with Purchase, Declarations or CRM.

Authorisation app

It’s very easy to approve invoices via the app.

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How FileLinx Invoice works

FileLinx Invoice has several functionalities. Below you can see different videos per tab on how everything works.

FileLinx Purchase+ is the next step

To really optimise your purchasing process, you should not start with the receipt of an invoice, but with the user’s needs. Recognising information on invoices is a speciality of FileLinx. Together with the customer, we have been optimising the process prior to the invoice for more than 20 years, which has resulted in our purchase module.


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View the entire purchasing process

Purchase to Pay or the purchasing process is the complete process from request to payment including the monitoring of budgets.

Your partner for automatic invoice processing

We help around 400 organisations automate and robotise their purchase process.

We have 20 years of experience in developing different Business Solutions together with customers and partners. This includes the purchasing process. Customise your unique business processes to a standard FileLinx solution in no time.

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