Omoda is a family business founded in 1875   by the Verton family. Where  in the past shoes were delivered by horse and cart , nowadays many brands  of shoes are available online and are delivered  by another supplier.

In addition to the successful webshop, Omoda also has 21 physical stores And can  call itself the best shoe retailer in  the Netherlands.

Omoda has already won quite a few prizes, such as  the Home Shopping Awards  5 times in the shoes category.

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Why FileLinx

“We were looking for a good invoice recognition system for our expense reports. We compared several providers and FileLinx came out on top,” says Bianca van der Werf, Finance & Control assistant at Omoda.

The challenge

Omoda works with ERP system Afas Profit and with an AS400 system. It was important that the software could connect to this. Omoda also wanted a quick and easy system to take work out of their hands.

“Every season, an awful lot of shoes, bags and accessories arrive at Omoda. There’s really no way to check all of this manually. It takes a lot of time and mistakes are easily made”, saysBianca.

Choice of FileLinx

“We chose FileLinx because they linked upwith Afas Profit and were able to fully automate our invoicing process. The matching process also saved us a lot of time.

"After comparing different providers, FileLinx was the best choice for us with 80% matching".

The solution

Omoda uses DigiData, software from FileLinx. DigiData ensures that invoices are processed automatically. The cost invoices are automatically matched with the order invoices using DigiData. At Omoda, 80% of the lines go well. This takes a lot of work out of your hands. The remaining 20% is processed manually, where it used to be 100%.

In addition, the link with Afas Profit ensures that all data is incorporated.


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