OptiTrade Holding has opticians affiliated with OptiTrade Holding who want to continue doing business independently, but still want to benefit from joining forces. There are two possibilities: becoming a member of OptiTrade Purchasing or of the combination OptiTrade Purchasing and OogMerk.

Our solution

“FileLinx is indispensable within our company. Thanks to FileLinx we have a considerable lead over our competitors”.

Those are the words of Pascal Deklerck, ICT manager of OptiTrade. “This crucial application allows us to make useful information accessible to all connected opticians. FileLinx is really indispensable within our company”.

OptiTrade originated as a purchasing organisation for opticians. “Opticians, who want to continue doing business independently, but still want to benefit from joining forces, can profit from the possibilities of OptiTrade Holding”, Deklerck explains.

“OptiTrade Holding has two operating companies: OptiTrade Purchasing is a Retail Service Organisation for opticians; OogMerk is a collaboration between opticians at the forefront”.

“FileLinx is very important for OptiTrade”, says Deklerck. “Within our IT infrastructure it is even an indispensable part. I was looking for an internal reporting system that I wouldn’t have to maintain and for which I wouldn’t have to install extra software on the different workstations. FileLinx turns out to be extremely suitable for this”.

Within OptiTrade, FileLinx was initially used as a central reporting system. “Later, this data was also made available to our participants (opticians) in the form of an online MIS system.” As a result, OptiTrade can offer a large number of extra services to the participating opticians. “One of those services is the monthly provision of turnover and bonus information. With the help of this system, every entrepreneur can always have immediate access to his actual purchase information and thus keep a close eye on his purchase behaviour and adjust where necessary”.

“There’s a very positive response,” says Deklerck. “The participating opticians are very enthusiastic about the system. They get much better control over the invoice flow and the application is also very user friendly and simple. Our account manager also shows this system to potential customers and they choose OptiTrade for that reason among others”.

Recently, our project has been nominated for the prestigious “HP/Microsoft Partner Excellence Award”. Our competitors still have a long way to go.


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