Forget the data drive and the Cloud drive and regain control of your documents and emails.

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It’s easy to make a mistake!

What about your employees? Do they use one storage system to store documents, or several such as ERP/ECD/Financials? Or do they use their own folders on the server in addition to the other systems?

That way, one document can be stored in different places without structure. Searching for the right version takes time and keeping each other informed is mainly done through email. A mistake is easily made!

How do you stay in control of your own documents and emails as an organisation? Think of version control, security of privacy-sensitive information or intellectual property. Fear of reputational damage and claims has become a real threat to many organisations since the current GDPR legislation.

What if you:

  • had really happy users?
  • only have to know what you’re looking for and not where it’s located?
  • have users who don’t use shadow IT like Onedrive, DropBox, Trello, etc.?
  • can integrate with Microsoft Office (365) products?
  • don’t need to consult the IT department on every trifle?
  • can comply more easily with the GDPR?
  • can collaborate safely with colleagues and external users?
  • can access your data from anywhere?
  • don’t need to consult the IT department before every trifle?
  • can meet the AVG more easily?
  • can collaborate safely with colleagues and external users?
  • can access your data from anywhere?
  • can link a process to all your current documents?
  • can enforce structure in storage to users without being perceived as annoying?

Searching and finding costs organisations a lot of money

There are only two ‘solutions’ to ensure colleagues are working with the same version of a document. And what about those involved outside your organisation? Where is the correct version and how do I find it in the heap of applications and folders in these different systems?

  • For each update, each user can send an email to everyone with the new version of the document, then each user can update their version in the system they are working with. Apart from the tediousness, the document is located in so many different places and inboxes that privacy can no longer be guaranteed. After sending the email, you immediately lose control.
  • Use an online storage service and send a link to all those involved who can then download the document. In this case, too, you lose control after sharing the link.

A FileServer or DMS/ECM system is not a process

Retrieval from storage services is often a problem because you can’t label files and emails. In a DMS/ECM you can, but you cannot add processes to a file. So, the problem is still not entirely solved.

Is switching to a DMS or ECM the solution?

A DMS or ECM does not work with folders, the licences are expensive, the collaboration is cumbersome, and linking with other applications is often not possible. They force users to make use of online storage services, which makes the problem worse rather than better.

FileLinx already has links with more than 70 suppliers.

FileLinx makes the difference and creates the best of three worlds.

  • The convenience of DropBox, Onedrive and Google Drive
  • Works in the browser
  • Simple folder structure
  • Always online
  • Built-in viewer
  • Work on documents together
  • Search and find documents quickly and easily (not where but what)
  • Share with external users    
  • Add customer data, project data etc.
  • Secure your data
  • Structure documents and data
  • Integrate with other software (ERP, financial)
  • Add workflows and robots to automate your business processes
  • Archive function
  • Share only with authorised persons
  • Bring all user groups together (sales, management, logistics, legal, finance, ICT, operations, marketing, HRM, Research and Development).
  • Make sure you are compliant
  • Integrate a Microsoft infrastructure with single sign on
  • Two factor authentication (also for external users)
  • Recognising privacy sensitive information
  • Keeps an eye on your users’ desktop and prevents errors
  • Barely susceptible to ransomware and cryptoware
  • Really made from a user’s point of view
  • Automatically add metadata (customer, project, file)
  • An audit trail of each user, device and document
  • Collaborate through the unique collaboration function
  • Helps you to comply with GDPR legislation
  • No Patriot Act applicable

Your benefits

  • Happy users
  • Improving security
  • No worries about GDPR
  • All documents in one place
  • Control over your data and documents
  • Biennial updates
  • Software evolves with changes
  • Disaster recovery and backup properly arranged
  • Choose SaaS, Private Cloud or On Premise
  • Made in Holland
Made in Holland

The DMS FileServer is created in the no-code FileLinx platform. Modifications and new processes can be added in an instant.

Bekijk hier hoe het werkt!

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Slimmer dan online opslagdiensten

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Informatie herkennen

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Datalek voorkomen

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Offline werken met taken

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Processen toevoegen

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Automatische tijdlijn

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Labels toevoegen

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Digitale handtekening

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Intern en extern delen

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Dossiers creëren

Start small and grow with it

You can start structuring your relationships and data in CRM, but you can also add ready-made Business Solutions.
Think of fileserver, automatic invoice processing, purchase to pay, project management, customer portals etc.

We are happy to help you make the right choice.

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